Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bibliographies: Proper Format for Academic Writing

  • Failure to acknowledge source references for images and written information is refered to as plagiarism.
  • SDC Online doesn't condone stealing or blatant copying of the ideas, images or thoughts of others.
  • Please follow the ffg guidelines as to how to write a proper Bibliography, as this is often requested by Tutors for essays or even research.
  • If any of your material is based heavily on a published work, in the form of a book, periodical, journal, website etc, you need to include it in your Bibliography.
  • For the our purposes we will use a combination of the Harvard and Running Notes Method
Formats for Bibliography


Author. Year of Publication. Title. Edition. Publication: Publisher.


Goldman, B. 1972. Reading and writing in the arts: a handbook. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Periodicals/ Magazines:

Author. Year of Publication. Title of article. Title of Publication Volume Number: (Issue Number ) Month/ Season: Page Numbers.


Perry, AD. 1990. Photography  and postmodern thought. Art & Design 22: (3) February: 32-36.


Author. Year. Title. Website address(Start with the words “Available at”). Date of access.


When author is known

Weddington, G. 2002. Challenge in South Africa. Available at (accessed on 23/7/2003).

When author is unknown (accessed on 23/7/2003).

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