Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to navigate your course

Many first time students seem to have difficulty in grasping the Online System. It is quite simple:
  1. When you register you automatically receive x3 Modules(1) and x3 Assignments for each module. A due date for these Assignments are set at approximately x4 weeks after course activation (meaning after you have paid and have become an active student).
  2. The 4 week cycle for submission is considered FAST TRACK in terms of pace and duration of course, if this pace is maintained throughout the course. Please note that a student can opt to change any due date allocated, but must inform the college prior, in order to adjust our marking schedules.
  3. On submission of your x3 assignments, the college reserves the right to a week for proper Feedback & Marks to be uploaded to your student portal. Only if you have obtained a pass mark of 55% and above for all x3 modules will you be allowed to continue to the next x3 Modules & Assignments.This cycle continues until you complete the course.
  4. Should you not obtain the pass mark, the tutor concerned will request another submission, guidelines will be offered, in order to improve your performance.

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